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In order to qualify for a DRIP plan an individual is required to already own stock in the company they are interested in. If the stock is already owned, the individual must have the physical stock certificate in their possession. If they do not, the certificate can be easily obtained from the broker with which the stock is held or from the transfer agent. With the stock certificate in hand, the next step is to open the DRIP account directly with the company. The best way to learn more about the DRIP plan you're interested in along with any share transfer requirements is to contact the company by either phone or mail. DripAdvisor has provided a list of every company that currently sponsors a DRIP plan along with the necessary contact information. The best course of action is to contact the company you're interested investing in and request a prospectus along with the appropriate DRIP account forms. These documents will detail the specifics on the plan.

If an individual wants to participate in a DRIP plan, but does not already own stock in the company, the obvious step to take is to gain ownership in the company. The easiest way to buy stock is to open an account with a broker and simply purchase stock. Once the purchase of the stock is completed, the individual can request that their broker send to them the stock certificate, whereupon the individual is ready to enroll in the DRIP plan.

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