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Tuesday, 04/08/2003

We have spent a lot of time examining DRIP programs for the past several months. We have looked at various investment sectors, Best performers, both long and short term, as well as highest dividend yield performers over the past and most recent years. And although these performers have covered just above every sector imaginable, we have still not examined Dividend Reinvestment Plans that are Foreign in nature. DRIP plans that are NOT American based corporations. Today we will examine several excellent foreign companies that would make excellent DRIP plans investments.

The list is as follows:

Agnico-eagle Mines
explores for and produces Gold and Silver in Canada and has proven gold reserves of approximately 3 million ounces.
Inco explores for and mines nickel, copper, cobalt, silver and platinum in Canada and produces approximately 24% of the world's Nickel.
TransCanada Pipelines transports and sells natural gas through North America. TransCanada can transport nearly 6.5 bilions cubic feet per day.
Bank of Montreal is the Holding Company for the Bank of Montreal and its subsidiary Nesbitt is the only Canadian controlled primary dealer of U.S Government Paper.
Suncor Energy explores for and acquires crude oil and natural gas. Suncor can produce 105,000 barrels of crude oil and 240 million cubic feet of natural gas a day.

Listed below are the 5 top Foreign Performers from 2002 based on total return performance.

These Five (5) companies all are foreign companies that offer DRIP plans to American Investors. EXHIBIT B

See the Exhibit below to see how well these Foreign Companies performed over time and against the Standard and Poors 500 Index.


Every situation whether Domestic or Foreign will not always be a successful investment. But diversification should always be considered in your DRIP investment mix, whether sector diversification or International wide diversification. Let us remember to keep our eyes wide open for investment opportunities not only in our own country, but be sure to look to foreign investment opportunities as well. The United States is no longer the sole center of investment in the world and DRIP investors should take every available opportunity that is aforded them to examine other International and Foreign Investment Opportunities. Remember, no one country has a Patent on all the good investment ideas. DRIP investors keep those eyes and ears wide open, AT ALL TIMES.

Until Next Time,


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