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Tuesday, 03/18/2003

he Envelope Please! and the winners are. (Part 1 of 2 Parts)
by Steve Gail

Today, I feel like a deer looking straight into the lights of an oncoming vehicle. Last week, I had planned to present a two-part series article, based on the best dividend yielding DRIP stocks for 2002, then follow up in part 2 of the article with the best total return performances by a DRIP equities in 2002. But along the way I forgot that a war might be starting around that time. However, in keeping to the true American way of Hollywood I have decided to,"Go on with the Show."

In today's article we will examine several sectors of our economy and award the top three- (3) DRIP Equity performers in each of those sectors our "Grammies for Performances in the year 2002."

In determining categories it came to my attention that I could spend weeks deciding on the sectors and the industries to be considered, so I decided to utilize the expertise of Morningstar rating to determine the categories from which to make the nominations. They will work as follows. I will divide the awards into three (3) Main categories (Information Economy, Service Economy and Manufacturing Economy), with four subcategories under each, for a total of 12 separate awards to be given, along with 2nd and 3rd choices getting honorable mention. In today's article, we will be awarding the BEST DIVIDEND YIELDING PERCENTAGES (%) for a DRIP stock in the year 2002. They will be determined in the following categories. (See below)

Information Economy

Service Economy
Consumer Services
Business Services
Financial Services

Manufacturing Economy
Consumer Goods
Industrial Materials

Before we announce our winners for the BEST DIVIDEND YIELDING DRIPS, we need to establish the criteria by which we are making these awards. Simply put, We are considering ALL Stocks that had a Dividend Investment plan in 2002 in the above sectors that paid a dividend, as long as the stock had a POSITIVE TOTAL RETURN FOR THE YEAR. They had to meet that criteria in order to be considered. If a stock had a high dividend and had a losing year based on total return, that stock was not looked out by our selection committee. So without further delay, here are the winners and runners up in each of our sectored categories above. (Please take notice that the Telecommunications**and Software** categories had NO winner. In addition, several categories had only one (1) winner* and only one (1) runner-up. THE ENVELOPE PLEASE, for the Best Dividend yields in 2002 for Stocks that had a positive Total Return Performance. THE WINNERS ARE! (#1 selections in each sector are noted in BOLD black.)

Congratulations to all our winners.

Information Economy
Software - None
Hardware - Diebold
Media - Reynolds and Reynolds
Telecommunications - None

Service Economy
Healthcare - Meridian Bioscience
Consumer Services - Weis Markets
Business Services - Standard Register
Financial Services - La Quinta

Manufacturing Economy
Consumer Goods - Cedar Fair LP
Industrial Materials - Olin
Energy - Vectren
Utilities - Ameren

The Year 2002 was a difficult one to say the least. Dividend Reinvestment Investors had to be very selective to end up with a positive net return in their accounts for the year. You will find that some winners and sectors significantly outperformed others, but all the DRIP programs above had a net positive performing year. Now that we have focused on our dividend yield star performers, Part two (2) of our article will examine the Best Total return DRIPS for the year 2002. You will find the list to be interesting and very different.

So until next time


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