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Wednesday, 01/23/2002

DD - E.I. DuPont

Company Description

DuPont is a science company, delivering science-based solutions in markets such as food and nutrition, health care, apparel, home and construction, electronics and transportation.

Two hundred years ago, DuPont was primarily an explosives company. One hundred years ago, the company's focus turned to global chemicals, materials and energy. Today, entering its third century, DuPont delivers science-based solutions that make real differences in real lives. Look closely at the things around your home and, chances are, you'll find a DuPont imprint.

DuPont's ability to adapt to change and its foundation of unending scientific inquiry enabled its two-century journey to becoming one of the world's most innovative companies. But, in the face of constant change, innovation and discovery, the company's core values have remained constant: commitment to safety, health and the environment; integrity and high ethical standards; and treating people with fairness and respect.

(Source: DuPont)

Reasons To Invest

Care for controversy? Here's a bit.

DuPont is worth a closer look in here. The company is in the position to benefit from an expansion in industrial production, which many analysts predict will start expanding later this year. The rebound in the economy is the biggest theme behind DuPont currently. The company is closely tied to the business cycle. If the economy begins to expand in the next six to nine months, DuPont will accordingly see an expansion in its earnings, which will in turn drive the stock higher.

During the most recent economic downturn, DuPont made great strides in eliminating debt from its financial position. The company is now in one of its strongest positions in almost two decades. Moreover, its chunky dividend yield serves as a safety net in the event of future volatility in its share price. The company currently pays $1.40 dividend, which amounts to a current yield of about 3.40 percent. While the economy works towards expansion, that yield will help to cushion any bumps along the way.

During its conference call, the company highlighted a stronger economic environment this year for its products and services. DuPont officials said that the company's full year fiscal 2002 results will show an increase in earnings, which echoed the consensus expectations for a rebound in the economy.

In the short-term, the stock may fall under unnecessary pressure related to the asbestos concerns plaguing many industrial concerns. Such weakness would offer favorable entries into DuPont, who has the necessary risk management procedures in place to contend with any asbestos related litigation.

DRIP Information:
Shares to Qualify = 1           Accept Foreign Accounts: Yes
Auto-reinvestment = No          Temper Enrollment Serv:  Yes

Min/Max Investment = $20 to $5,000/month

Reinvestment Fees -

Div : 5% to $3 + 10 cents/share
Cash: 5% to $3 + 3 cents/share

Transfer Agent:

First Chicago Trust


Industry Group:        Chemicals  52-week high=$49.88
Annual Dividend Per Share=  1.40  52-week low =$32.64
Last earnings 10/20   est = 0.10  actual = 0.12
Next earnings 01-23   est = 0.11  versus = 0.47
                                     P/E =   63
Analyst Ratings:
Strong Buy    = 2
Moderate Buy  = 4
Hold          = 6
Moderate Sell = 0
Strong Sell   = 0


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